Marine Electronics in Argentina - Sales & Service


Signal S.A. is the Major Marine Electronics Service Company in Argentina, that also became a wide scope Marine Electronics Supplier, Representing International Manufactures so fulfilling all Ship Owners, Manager, Shipyards and Marine Organizations requirements, and meeting the most field effective and economical solutions.
We provide Sales, Installation, Commissioning and Setting into Operation of the equipment sold from our Represented Companies with relevant Guarantee compromise, as well as repair of Electronic Equipment fitted on board of existing vessels, no matter who the Manufacturer is.
Signal S.A. has a permanent duty guard that receives orders 24/7 and assists Clients in any National and International Port.
Its Service personnel has been trained abroad and speaks English, so easily communicates on board. These features as well as Original Spare Parts of its own, makes Signal S.A. the right choice of Ship Owners. 


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Institutional Video - SIGNAL S.A. - Barge


Institutional Video - SIGNAL S.A.